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At Home

Go on a Color Hunt. Chose a color to hunt and see how many things you can find in that color. You can also hunt for letters, words, or numbers.

Make a Weather Graph and keep track of the sunny, rainy, snowy, and cloudy days each week. Count the days in each column and compare: more, fewer, equal

Have your child help with the laundry and practice sorting. Have him sort by color, type of clothing (socks, shirts), owner of clothing (Dad’s, baby’s) etc.

shaving creamSpread shaving cream on the table and let your child write in it with his or her finger.

Let your child paint or write with a Q-tip . This will strengthen muscles that help him grip a pencil.



When you read with your child…book

  • Let your child select the book.
  • Have him hold the book correctly.
  • Point to and talk about the cover.
  • Point to the words as you read.
  • Ask your child questions about the book and have her retell it to you.


Great Websites:

“ABCs Let’s Get Ready to Read” for letter names and letter sounds

“Learn to Read” for rhyming skills, beginning sound identification and concept of word.

for literacy and math


for printable emergent reader books